Thoughts Before Dawn

These vibrant, minimalist illustrations evoke the bold colors and geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement. Featuring silhouetted figures amidst surreal landscapes, the prints would create a stylish, thought-provoking ambiance in lobbies, lounges or creative workspaces, inspiring visitors with their modern yet timeless aesthetic.

The images evoke the bold, striking style of the Precisionist art movement, characterized by smooth, geometric forms and sleek industrial imagery. With a modern, streamlined aesthetic, the works celebrate the marvels of technology and machinery through simplified shapes and clean lines. Skies swirl with radiant colors, cradling solitary figures dwarfed by towering shapes that loom with power and grandeur. A harmonious geometry binds the scenes in balanced compositions of curves and angles. Each image tells a story without words, immersing the viewer in realms where humanity navigates vast, manufactured landscapes. Smooth surfaces gleam under sunrays or artificial light, emblazoning vibrant hues across metallic planes. The eye traces purposeful lines and arcs, rhythms of precision engineering. Yet amidst this celebration of modernity, silhouetted figures retain an enigmatic presence. We share their curious gaze, awed witnesses to the sublime meeting of man and industrial sublime.