Mid-Century Modern


Retro Futurism Realized

These bold, geometric prints exemplify mid-20th century abstract art movements like Suprematism and Bauhaus. Their striking colors and shapes evoke modern dynamism. Displaying such avant-garde works in offices or living spaces injects an invigorating, progressive ambiance, perfect for creative spaces seeking an energizing atmosphere.

The images capture the essence of the Bauhaus art movement with their bold geometric shapes, primary colors, and minimalist compositions. Lines, circles, and rectangles harmoniously intersect, creating dynamic yet balanced designs that exemplify the Bauhaus principles of functional and accessible aesthetic. The Bauhaus school, founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany, revolutionized art, architecture, and design by rejecting the traditional hierarchy of the arts and embracing a unified vision where fine art merged with crafts and industrial design. This radical approach aimed to make art an integral part of everyday life, accessible to all. Under the motto "form follows function," Bauhaus artists explored abstract, geometric forms, favoring clean lines and elimination of ornament. Sitting in a sunlit studio, surrounded by these vibrant artworks, you find yourself transported to a world of pure form and color. The sharp angles and curves seem to dance before your eyes, inviting exploration of their harmonious interplay. A sense of calm focus settles over you as you trace the clean lines, allowing the minimalist designs to resonate within your being. In this space, the boundaries between art and life dissolve, and you experience the Bauhaus vision of finding beauty in functional simplicity.