Mid-Century Modern


Making Money Moves

The series exemplifies the bold, geometric abstractionism of the Art Deco movement through striking angular compositions of overlapping planes in vibrant colors like gold, teal, and black. Displaying these stylized, dynamic prints can create a sleek, opulent ambiance well-suited for luxury hotels or upscale offices looking to evoke a sense of early 20th-century modernist glamour.

These striking geometric abstract images evoke the bold simplicity and interplay of form and color that defined the mid-20th century art movement of Geometric Abstraction. The compositions employ precise lines, angles, and intersecting planes to create a dynamic sense of movement and depth through the juxtaposition of vibrant hues against subdued tones. One can envision these pieces adorning the walls of a stylish mid-century modern home, their clean geometry and vibrant color palette seamlessly complementing the era's innovative design aesthetic. Yet beneath the apparent simplicity lies a complexity that stirs the imagination - echoes of towering architectural forms, cosmic vistas, or visions of an idealized future rendered in pure visual poetry. As the eye traces the sweeping curves and intersecting vectors, the space around the viewer seems to subtly shift and extend outward. Light and shadow play across angled planes, imbuing the two-dimensional surfaces with volume and inviting exploration of their imagined interiors. These works don't simply adorn a room - they transform it into an environment of boldly minimalist shapes that spark contemplation and instill a sense of transcendent possibilities.