Mid-Century Modern


Summer Spot, 2019

These striking geometric artworks exemplify the bold colors, sharp angles, and semi-abstract shapes characteristic of the Art Deco movement. Displaying such visually dynamic prints can cultivate an air of energetic sophistication, ideal for creating a modern yet nostalgic ambiance in commercial or hospitality spaces.

The images exude a bold vibrancy and geometric abstraction characteristic of the Art Deco style that emerged in the 1920s. The sharp lines, angular shapes, and vibrant colors evoke a sense of luxury, glamour, and modernity that defined the Art Deco aesthetic. Originating in France, this influential movement celebrated industrial progress and rejected the naturalism of previous art styles, embracing a sleek, stylized, and streamlined approach inspired by machine age imagery. Sunlight filters through geometric patterns, casting intricate shadows that dance across pristine planes. Vivid hues intermingle - daring crimson embraces rich azure while brilliant gold warms earthy ochre tones. Distinct lines converge and diverge, guiding the eye in a rhythmic exploration of depth and dimension. This harmonious interplay of shape and color transforms the space, imbuing it with an air of sophistication and forward-thinking elegance. In this captivating ensemble, the spirit of Art Deco comes alive, transporting the viewer to an era of cosmopolitan exuberance and unprecedented artistic revolution. The bold, graphic compositions command attention, inviting one to bask in their resplendent modernity while appreciating the enduring legacy of a design movement that defied convention and celebrated the future with unabashed vigor.